What is an “Online”Exhibit?

Due to the current global pandemic, as well as the closure of our regular gallery exhibits at Toronto’s Cedar Ridge Creative Centre (CRCC), Cedar Ridge Studio Gallery (CRSG) could not host art exhibits in the traditional way. However, our members still wished to come together and showcase our art.  

Cedar Ridge Studio Gallery typically hosts two member exhibits, a CRCC student show and several artists’ exhibits throughout the year. Our mandate is to support new and emerging artists within our East Toronto community. 

With many events cancelled, we have chosen to continue our Members’ Exhibit virtually online this fall. We have updated our website and added our exhibit pages, as well as an online sales area to purchase our member’s art.

Is this online show a permanent change?

CRSG made the change to a digital exhibit this fall to keep connected with our patrons and make sure our artists still had a platform to show and sell their works. We hope to keep some aspects of the online exhibits next year and beyond, but we know our home is at the gallery within Cedar Ridge Creative Centre. We look forward to being back in person with new exhibits, once permitted.


Buying Artwork

How do I buy artwork?

  1. Browse through Members’ Exhibits and click on the available Artworks for sale.
  2. Once you’ve found an artwork to purchase, click on its “BUY NOW” button. Note: Choose one individual artwork at a time.
  3. Read the artwork description carefully before buying. Note if taxes/shipping/delivery is included or must be paid for separately based on your location. Each sale is individual and shipped/delivered through the artist (see number 6 below for more information on shipping).
  4. The ‘BUY NOW’ button will take you to a check out link, within our site and the SHOPify platform. 
  5. Use your credit card, visa debit, or prepaid credit card to complete the purchase.
  6. Once the purchase is made, Cedar Ridge Studio Gallery will contact the artist and give them your contact information. The artist will contact to you to arrange preferred shipping methods. Note: CRSG is not involved in the shipment of artwork.
  7. Wait for your beautiful artwork to arrive! 

All prices are listed in Canadian currency. 

Are artworks sales final?

Artwork is non-refundable unless negotiated and mutually agreed upon between the buyer and the artist. If both parties agree to a refund, both the artist and buyer must contact CRSG to request the refund. CRSG will issue a refund to the customer for fees paid. It is the responsibility of the buyer and the artist to arrange the return and cover return shipping costs of the artwork. NOTE: NO refunds will be issued after 30 days from date of purchase under any circumstances.


Is shipping included?

Shipping may not be included. Please read the artwork description carefully before purchasing and reach out to the artist if you have questions. The delivery of the artwork is to be arranged by the buyer and the artist. CRSG does not take responsibility for the delivery of shipment of artwork. All buyers expressly assume all risk and liability from purchasing from the CRSG website.

What if I want to meet the artist(s)?

To respect physical distancing guidelines and make the most out of the online experience, we encourage everyone to connect virtually. We’ve encouraged our artists to share their social media handles and other ways to learn more about the artists or get in touch. 

If you have questions about the artwork, please reach out to the artist directly via email. 

If you have any questions about the CRSG Members’ Exhibit or need support please email crsgarts@gmail.com.