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Catharine Donahue

It's All About the Journey

It's All About the Journey

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Acrylic Paints and Mediums

48" x 48"

Varnished with an archival, professional varnish. Sides are 1.5 inches deep and are painted black. Signed on the back.

By Catharine Donahue

"This piece was created with numerous layers of quality acrylic paint and mediums. I am very passionate about every piece that I create, and I am very intentional about a collector “feeling” something when they observe my work.
Each of my pieces has an intricate under paintings of multiple layers beneath the finished work. It is mostly covered up by the finished painting , but the “history“ is left to peek through in places. I’m often asked why I take the time to paint such an under painting , only to cover it with the finished layers. The fact is, it gives a richness to each piece when the under painting peeks through in surprising ways that can’t be added after the fact, so I feel that it’s well worth the effort."

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