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Che Ree Kwon

My Garden No. 1

My Garden No. 1

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mixed media on canvas 

16" x 20"

By Che Ree Kwon

"The world outside is fun, busy, and confusing. The more the world gets complicated, the more emotions get tangled up in my mind, but over time they disappear, because it only exists during that moment. And they will come back again at unexpected times and places. I am trying to express my emotions on a canvas to remember what I was feeling during that moment. Visualizing the feeling of the moment begins with selecting and combining images from the photos I took. I look for something that grabs my attention in the photos and choose a few simple lines that consist of the image as the basis for my painting. Starting with a few simple lines, I compose the canvas with organic and
geometric shapes, balanced colours and tones, and bold marks and textures. These are all in harmony, representing my impressions of the memories and refreshing my feelings. It is more like looking into the world through my own filter and finding the beauty in this puzzled world in my own way. I hope to share my memories and feelings and take you to the world filtered by my imagination."




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