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Nedda Zaharelos

The 4 Stages of Competence

The 4 Stages of Competence

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48" x 48"

By Nedda Zaharelos

"This painting Is a tetraptych about competence.
1. Unconscious Incompetent
The unconscious incompetent, isn’t aware that a skill or knowledge gap exists.
2. Conscious Incompetent
The conscious incompetent, is aware of a skill or knowledge gap and understands the importance of acquiring the new skill. It’s in this stage that learning can begin.
3. Conscious Competent
The conscious competent, knows how to use the skill or perform the task, but doing so requires practice, conscious thought and hard work.
4. Unconscious Competent
The unconscious competent, has enough experience with the skill that he or she can perform it so easily they do it unconsciously."

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